Plane Missing – Flight 370 – UFO – Was Flight 370 Abducted By A Mile Wide UFO?

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Malaysia Plane Missing Flight 370 Huge UFOs Sighted in Malaysia Was Flight 370 Abducted By A Mile Wide UFO? Large UFO over Malaysia UFO Abducts Missing Plane…


Charles Walton says:

Important Info: Some of you have questions about aliens. From what I am
aware of only about 5 percent of them are evil. Please see the following
link since it can help you to understand that believing in alien
beings should not contradict your faith in God.

Charles Walton says:

After many years of very strong faith in God I was blessed in 2007

Joel 2:28
And afterward,
I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
your old men will dream dreams,
your young men will see visions.

Charles Walton says:

Some things I just cannot tell yet. But I believe something BIG is going to
happen tonight because it is part of the big plan! ~ Inevitable ~ Thanks to
ALL of you for understanding! If you want a small piece of the puzzle see
my newest video about movies.

Charles Walton says:

The most important UFO-Alien cases are often hidden by large governments.
So many times in the case of planes missing you sometimes have to find
other sources if you want to know the truth about what occurred. See link –

Charles Walton says:

Someone sent me info via a youtube comment to contact an LSU Forensic
Anthropologist. So I sent her an e-mail tonight and we will see what she
says about the bone. I want to know if it is of an animal or human. The
student said she thinks it is a human femur bone. So obviously that is very
creepy to hear! Is this a human bone dropped by aliens? This has me spooked
right now!

Charles Walton says:

UPDATE: The following is very strange! Today during a clear sunny day a
piece of bone fell from the sky area ontu my car. It made a very loud noise
when it hit my car! No one was around and I did not see any birds overhead
and or squirrels in the tree, etc. The bone is cut with extreme precision
and it is very clean and smooth! Just like the type that have been found on
farms and in pasture areas where alien cattle mutilations occur. I want to
have the bone looked at by someone that is an expert on bones. Maybe
someone at a local college university? Could this have been dropped by an
alien craft in reply to the video where I mention aliens abduct flight 370?
I don’t know? But this is very strange! Link to the video I just created
about what happened…

Bill C says:

and before you comment on my questions saying a pilot saw a mile wide UFO
that article was published almost 7 years ago. These two events have
nothing to do with one another, yet you would like your viewers to believe
it does. You don’t get to pick and choose which things confirm your story
while leaving out the obvious things that prove your story at the least to
be inaccurate. 

Sananda Maitreya's Apparition says:

To end,they are now saying to contradict what the initial satellite reports
were that debris in the Indian ocean could be from the break up of this
missing Malaysia airliner 370,that upon closer look from the Chinese
vessels that this debris is actually trash. Yes,piles of streaming piles of
massive Garbage. Which I personally would be more inclined to believe other
than that being wreckage.
1. Factor to contemplate is this.How can the U.S. satellites see so much
definition with other countries and their Nuclear facilities and
missiles,and cannot decipher with these same satellites, Trash from
Wreckage? ( That’s a Strong Red Flag to me)

2. When the China vessels and Airships as well as Satellites,saw this
So-called Wreckage,they did not report any of those images as ”Airline
Crash debris”

3.The wash-up of Massive debris from the Earthquake in Japan,as well as the
Fukushima Nuclear disaster is also still washing ashore,as well as floating
around in all parts of the vast ocean.

4.The C.I.A said openly just yesterday that their computer forensics
department recovered most of the pilots deleted simulated flight test,and
found no fowl play,or suspicion of intent. So again,this leaves other
avenues to ponder.Other than what were being led to believe in the U.S.
Mass media. I believe,if I can rely on the order of the U.S. Cover up
schemes of the past. That in fact they will concoct a cover story and have
the world wide media recite it until we ALL believe it to be a fact.
When it is a Lie. The U.S.Government will NEVER openly admit that a
So-Called U.F.O took that flight from mid air. Never will they openly admit
this to the citizens. 

Ox7ProTotyPe says:

well this might be right think about it the plane is nowhere to be seen in
the planet its gone! and have you guys forgot how big that airplane is even
if it was in the ocean it would be easy to find Via Sat. Alot of Skitchy
info on this and all there bring up on the matter is debris found here and
theres 239 peaple still missing guys did u forget or something thats alot
of missing souls guys somethings not right here 


“SOLD!: missing jetliner”
China ‘Triad’ pirates sell MH370 jetliner to their communist government: A
collusion of the dirtiest order.
The Chinese mafia and military nationalists engineered the hijacking of
flight MH370: and what a job! The military worker-drones of China will
reverse-engineer the jetliner in order to produce a finer quality vehicle
than the government-owned industries would otherwise be likely, or able, to
manufacture. Examination of the crafts’ composites and various components
will benefit many facets of industry there.
The jetliner crossed into Chinese airspace without distinction, in the
dead-of-night, inbound from areas of sea and land which would hardly take
any notice whatsoever. At this moment the pricey vehicle is being
dismantled, photographed, and cataloged in a highly secured area, under
extreme military guard. This illegal acquisition will miraculously endow
the creaking Chinese military and industrial R&D/manufacturing with a
modicum of quality and credibility which their mediocre industrial complex
so desperately needs. As a nation they routinely earn little; steal much:
statically occupying the “honorable mention” or “loser” categories. FYI.
Look for an unnaturally rampant spike in the quality of ships, aircraft,
avionics, plastics and composites, and many other products in a couple of
Sadly,… the innocents and passengers of this ill-fated flight are
deceased, long ago: terminated almost immediately. They were “gassed”
in-flight while a new flight crew and pirates waited patiently: adorned
with gasmasks behind cockpit doors and lurking in the rear galley and cargo
hold: guns to the heads of the Muslim pilots. The disposal method of the
corpses is highly speculative however. What preference would international
criminals have? (Conveniently chucking bodies into the ocean? Removal after
landing somewhere soon afterwards? [prior to the intercontinental leg of
the journey].) Or, the craft departed empty!, as did one of the planes
involved in the Sept’ 11, 2001 “self-attacks” or “false-flag” ops. It’s a
toss-up, however, the pirates would surely prefer to proceed all alone.
So, the less work the better, ey? the scheme of landing again and
disposing of the planes’ former occupants into a DEEP, massive, hidden
grave seems like too much effort. Passengers were kidnapped and buried in
Malaysia: pre-flight. Remember the soulless parties involved!,… Triad
soldiers are utterly non-existent to outsiders; are robotically dedicated;
unconscionably cruel; fearfully brutal criminals. Hijacking and murder is
a weekend training exercise plus a free ride. Reminder: the jetliner was
originally bound for Beijing anyway!
Triad officers likely composed this fantastic deal, and proffered it to
highly nationalistic military generals (who are communists, remember) which
turned-out to be an offer too tantalizing to resist. Their ever-present,
mutual hatred of all things American was just the spark for this kind of
escapade: and the scheme, a work of art. These criminals bested the
Islamic extremists not by terror or brutality, but by stealth: well
orchestrated. The veil of secrecy across this incident is nearly
impermeable too. Look for no clues or evidence or stool pigeons: secrecy
is their hallmark. The Chinese military is, without a solitary doubt,
complicit in this brazen act, and they have paid their thieves handsomely!
Airspace clearances would need to be procured lest they shoot-down the
newly stolen jewel, plus, only the military has the mass of resources to
secure, transport, and reverse-engineer the jetliner. This heinous act too
smacks of their overt, continuous hacking campaign against the rest of the
civilized world: stealing rather than earning, on the world stage. China
will have earned some credit through this act though: albeit sinister.
Their new shiny piece of loot could only be acquired using a dedicated
criminal network which exhibited intelligent design; fastidious planning;
insane gall; in a vile act punctuated with ruthless execution.
(-Sounds like they trained under the modern US military!?)
Rest assured, China now owns a piece of history, not simply the
glittering hardware tucked-away in some hangar,… the key players truly got
one over on the whole world! In their sick, sad, delusional, and isolated
arena,… all involved are universally ecstatic. And rich.

Charles Walton says:

UPDATE! I have a NEW video up tonight of STRANGE plane flight activity that
occurred minutes prior to Flight 370 vanishing! It looks like another large
plane was temporarily abducted by a UFO shortly before our missing plane
vanished. You can see this plane travel at a very HIGH rate of speed in the
radar footage I show you. And it looks like a UFO may have created a mirror
image underneath the plane. The only type of aircraft that can travel at
this rate of speed are alien flown UFO’s! Below is the link to this New
video -> A MUST SEE VIDEO! Strange Plane Flight Activity On Radar When
Malaysia Flight 370 Vanishes

Mary Bayliss says:

Not abducted… saved from a disaster due to hydrologic failure, by
advanced beings, and are now they are forcing the hands of the governments
to bring in NESARA. The people are being taken care of and wanted to be
part of bringing peace to the world.

Amandeep Singh says:

i think bermuda triangle is shifted to Indian Ocean………..

Angela Cooper says:

Aliens are not here to protect us! Jesus is the only one that protects his
people! satan is here to conquer and destroy and that is what he is doing.
Aliens are fallen angels they are satans helpers. They are getting ready
for the huge war that is about to happen soon. I am not crazy sir i love
you and this whole world, even my enemies. I walk in love and peace and
promise that i walk with God. Yeshua is our savior…Repent and sin no
more! Please in Jesus name i ask that you just ask him for the truth. I
dont know you but believe i was sent to you by The Holy Spirit to tell you
that he is coming soon and he is warning his people! Love and God bless

escapeephil says:

ufo I saw last night on live tv watch?v=VbRnhRzgzrs

Anthony Maw says:

The missing plane is being stored at AREA 51 in Nevada, in the hangar next
to the Roswell UFO wreckage….

Eridu Sirius says:

What other reasonable explanation is there? I truly believe this airplane
was snatched up by a UFO.

PeachesCourage says:

We used to hear someone on the radio who stated that China and the US were
conspiring to well hurt us slavery was mentioned We both forgot this
however detailed this guys info was and some of which has come true.
However China hacked google so much they left China and guess what Malaysia
does what they do. They both have people who through the back door hack
guess who???? Well anyone maybe – – – they may have taken that plan off
radar and people are afraid to say this- Stretch maybe I dunno. The last
search is supposed to turn up this plane it reads the black boxes and
should allocate the plane . I really am frustrated they didn’t do this in
the first place are you?

tcphillipsii says:

UFO’s are very real. I strongly believe this abduction was possible. My
research leads me to believe that the beings that we think of as “Aliens”
are really fallen angels posing as ugly creatures from other galaxies. This
could very well be an effective tool of satanic deception to unite the
whole world under the new world order. Thanks for sharing this. God bless
you brother. 

Mark D says:

Even if the plane was flying in otter space The government would still be
able to track it They were abducted by aliens


Surprise, surprise!
Do you know that Israel has a Boeing 777 just like MH 370?
It will surprise you further that Israel has acquired such a Boeing 777
from Malaysia in 2013. The details are as follows:

A Malaysian Airlines sister airplane Boeing 777-200 was sold to GA Telesis
and was then re-registered and sent to Tel Aviv on 4/11/13 where it was
Malaysian Boeing 777 manufacturer serial number 28416 registered as 9M-MRI
was sold to GA Telesis in 2013 and now registered as N105GT.

It is now stored at Tel Aviv.

Patricia Judge says:


Paul Neave says:

“Terrorists – No. Plane malfunction – No. That leaves only one possible
alternative – UFO Abduction. Well that might sound kinda bizarre, but it is
a possibility.” No it isn’t! It really really isn’t!

Mark Jocumsen says:

Charles, I love your work. I have prepared a similar video with other cases
to support this theory and a plea to journalists to investigate this

shishir hoque says:

They found more than 120 objects in the Indian Ocean

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