Semi Precious Weapons – Look To The Stars (LYRIC VIDEO)

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“Look To The Stars” from our new EP “Aviation” First 4 songs are available now on iTunes: Instagram:…


Sam says:

Can’t wait to hear more from you guys! keep up the hard work! guys, comment
below what you think! 

Pseudo Nym says:

nardwuar vs. semi precious weapons look it up 

Derpy Angel says:

Sam sent me hear I love this so much , thanks Sam!

Blade Whitten says:

I’m impressed 

Roman Zolanski says:

Sign this petition for the official release of the song “Fuck the Dance

Emily Veras says:

New Favorite Song. 

Cryaotic Babe says:

Aha, I was searching my newsfeed and saw that Sam Pepper had liked this and
now I’m obsessed… Thanks Sam :)

ConcertTR says:


Nik Karim says:

+Sam Pepper Sent me.

Jocelyne Robledo says:

I’m absolutely enchanted by this song♥♥ Love it!

Маргарита Клещеева says:

Adam Lambert brought me here))) 

joshuagbe says:

killer <3

mica jane says:

Sam pepper sent me:)

chevemma says:

That’s such a cool video!

Cameo SK says:

Love it

Beth Goin says:

sam thank u so much

Bobbi Burns says:

Love this song :)

Denise says:


Sophie B. says:

i love this! can i get in on iTunes?????

Ernesto Borjas says:


Agnese Faltova says:

This is really awesome! Thanks Sam!

Miz Richard says:

I’m a lil obsessed with this song. I’ll Never ever ever, ever ever ever get
it out of my mind! Can not wait to hear more!!!!

Eriskay Cavan says:

Thanks for posting!! 

LongLiveInspiration says:

Amazing song!!!!!!!

Eric Kolkey says:

Love it! Can’t wait to download the new songs in January!

TheForevermore24 says:

Sam sent me:) love this song now

ricky pickle says:


Tobiah Edelman says:

Love :-)

Judy Purcell says:

Love this !! Thanks Adam Lambert for the link !!!

kevvieful says:

LOVE this

acoustique says:


Sir. Uoyllorti says:

i like this , thanks Sam <3

Felisha Drudge says:

Sent By Sam Pepper :D Such a great song :) you guys deferentially need to
keep making music! :D <3 

Rayes Willis says:

Love the visual and the audio, keep up the good work boys. -xx

Amanda Russ says:

Currently obsessed! 

Lauren Napier says:


Ahiezer Chavez says:

Great but still waiting for Fuck The Dancefloor.

awkwardlifeofkaleigh says:

Sam Pepper sent me! Loved the video

Alec Weitl says:

2:41 shit gets real

Jusbet sanchez says:


Jared Gelman says:

ya’ll are back with a vengeance! SLAY!

Sheila Chiara says:

Sooo Nice,i like this song very much! Thx for u guys existing!!!!

I’ve Seen that Sam pepper liked this and comment and it was so cool that
Sam pepper Also like this song❤️

Love ur big fan

Karen Lisa says:

Adam lambert let me see this!!! >3<

אביחי מרקוביץ says:

No less then perfect song
Great voice, i didnt hear something like that for a long time!!! 

skylarpurpleunicorn says:

This song is amazing <3

Bárbara Fernández Vargas says:

I am completely obsessed with this song!

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