A-10 Warthog Multiple Strafing Runs in Iraq

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The reason the sound seems delayed is because of how far away the explosions are and how fast the bullets are coming out of the gun.


Jan Natal says:

I know why they call it a Warthog. Because when it fire it sound like a pig

Aiden Wagoner says:

how the hell are there dislikes

Kevin Reyes says:

The A-10 Warthog is one of my favorite air crafts. It’s sad to hear that
the Pentagon wants to remove the A-10 Warthog, the U-2, and reduce the Army
to 440,000 to 450,000 because of tight budgets to improve/create the F35.

xThomasadisonx says:

Someone please send one of these a-10s to the White House. We need to
teach Obama a lesson.

Harr Callea says:

Why did u copyrith this gggrrrrriiiiffffinnnn cccaaarrrtttteeerrr

johnathan stith says:


PillowSmeller says:

“Thats what it sounds like when you have sex with me.” – A-10

Logan Fehr says:

that GAU-8 cannon mixed with those huge twin engines makes such a beautiful
symphony. love it.

Carlos Mausbach says:

Really, the Death Fart!

Lio woodmen says:

God I fucking love America now

Christine Tomcat says:

Love the sound of the Hog’s gun!

Dennis Issel says:

This isn’t Irak, this is Nevada….

enigmagamer112 says:


ricky bobby says:

I never knew the sound of death would be so beautiful.

JJheadcharge says:

Are those CCT’s?

Michael Dunn says:

LMMFAO!!!!! I hate to break it to yall but this is Holloman Air Force Base
in Alamagordo N.M.. Not Iraq.

Omu Negru says:

A-10: this is the last time you’re going to make jokes about farts

Nintendofan2012 says:

A-10 forever.

Kurt Lyell says:

That looks like White Sands New Mexico firing range, notice the yucca
plants. Thats not iraq.

JC130676 says:

When an A-10 strafes, you’ll hear it three times: from the gun firing, from
the rounds impacting… and the first “brrrrp” is the guys at the receiving
end shitting themselves when they spot the A-10.

krimzon hex says:


ComancCHE says:

fuck yeah i love the sound of A10’s engines whiz when they fly-by and the
30mm firing bzzzzzzzzztttttttt!!!!!!

Carlos Mausbach says:

Impressive. Awesome. That`s the expression “bring the rain”!

antpx42 says:

Give us less politicians and more A10’s
FMR Tsgt Randy Young

RedRocketGaming says:

Griffin y u so silly

Larry Lopez says:

Didnt know cactus grew in the middle east?

Ramm Kass says:

Not iraq 

stinkypoopee pooper says:

Plants are south west USA !!!!!! Not Iraq……

Nahid125 says:

I wouldn’t wanna see that cannon pointed at my face.

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