GTA 5 Online: Military ATV, Drug Dealing & Secret Weapons ALL Got Removed! (GTA V)

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GTA 5 Online: Removed Features – Military ATV, Drug Dealing & NEW Weapons! (GTA V)▻ Please Leave A Like & Comment! ▻ Subscribe For More:…


Doktor Dask says:

PIMPING? ON THE GAME? REALLY? yeah I understad that this is gta but pimping
is basically trafficking and many teenage girls are being drugged and
forced to have sex with other guys, beaten and murdered..”would be fun”
sorry, but what the fuck man? are you thinking with your fucking ass…?

Quillsor says:

GTA V is missing dildos…

snus sten says:

if anyone needs a crew on Xbox add me GT: Yadderz we’ll talk in skype cause
everyone does not have an Xbox mic including me, you have to be atleast 13
years old to join Message Before you add me!

Ricky Pucino says:

I’ve gone to martins house, if you look through the windows you can see
appliances and couches. And on the upper balcony there is a working
telescope. If you can get a van or ambulance with someone in the back of
the vehicle, on the UPPER balcony u can get inside his house.

Trife Lyf says:

Rockstar should add the option to lift SUV and Truck class vehicles. You
can only lower them which is pretty annoying. Would be cool to see more
trucks like the sandking around. 

William Whittaker says:


Pedro Estarda says:

If you hold A(Xbox)or X(Ps3) as your flying the crop-duster,you can spray
the pesticide.

pavelowpower says:


Leif Hamm says:

The Money you earn from jobs shouldnt of been nerfed.

˙·٠•●GIBSY●•٠·˙ | Road To 100 | says:

Fuck rockstar man in a way they make amazing shit but plz just give us what
the people want lol.

Conway Epic says:

I’d like to see the guns

HybridCreeper says:

There is a picture of the ATV and an Apache helicopter on the Warstock Cahe
& Carry website and on their Lifeinvader page.

mr3000ts says:

i hate it when people put cars that aern’t in the game in the thumb nail
for views..



Khorn Ashrem says:

I want the Rustler to return

cnavy21 says:

I think the war ship hes talking about is a V22 osprey.

max cottongim says:

U can actually deploy crop dust from the duster just press a

mednight soon says:

ikr have the trailers was not so true

im waitung for the bank dlc wher you can steal from the bank and that you
can put a car inside that big air plane without puncking it to open

aaron smillie says:

i would like it if u could go fishing in it 

Itz Nova says:

I’ve heard stories of a secret apartment being cutout due to not being
finished. It was told to be of high cash value and high rep to buy my
friends called it the rockstar apartment but I see as a mastery apartment
it was expected to have gun racks body guards and a personal movie theatre.
I’ve seen one leaked info on this but it was taken down.

M491CM4N says:

Flamethrower from San Andreas

logan esqueda says:

yup, military patriots. that “should’ve” happened.
Mammoth Millitia (Militar Patriot-based o a Humvee).
would,ve been way better that those stupid crusader jeeps.
still depressing to see the “NOOSE” patriot gone, I did enjoy those


drug dealing FOR SURE and basketball

dougcool1 says:

They need to add new apartments, jobs, cars, and guns! And the other stuff!


it would be nice if they put the jeep or whatever it is thats in the
picture in the game ha i would keep 3 of them !


the revolver and jetpack from san andreas

Spencer Droste says:

they should add the old style army jeep

josh yost says:

I hope they make the thermal scope useable like on the mission where you
kill the rest of the o’neils

hobonarwhale123 says:

i wish they kept the spray paint from san andreas

The Nanoid Box says:

You can actually spray pesticides but they not lethal just press a for xbox
version and the x for ps version

Pront says:

lol u got a Sultan RS one of the rarest cars in the game at 2:32

christian parker says:

The mini games

mom2tanda99 says:

i am a you tuber if you want to friend me and be in my videos friend me gt

Themrajester2 says:

rockstar is holding back till gta 6 all the activities are coming back and
safehouses if san andreas could have all the activities in 2005 in 2017 gta
6 will make it better gta 5 is an upgraded 4 just to hold ppl off for a few
years while adding dlcs to keep ppl occupied

redbricknave421 says:

casinos,playing basketball and most of the other things u said and surfing

ethan houghland says:

lol love how fast shit hit the fan 

Jose Colon says:

any ps3 user add me zayman94

J-rod DeGroot says:

Bring back Cub3d

TheKkratos25 says:

Paintball sorry

TheBestInTheWorld says:

Hey how’s it going guys, me boss for the win here

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