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noah peters says:

Saints row 5 should have a pump-action dildo shotgun

mara the hedgebat says:

cat assault rifle FTW

RangerRivet says:

Morph o ray in up your arsenal is better than the skid loader by like
1,000,000 comedy levels.

ryan carson says:

lol. who else saw the green screen

Billy the Drocadile says:

The new soda popper in TF2, It pretty much turns scouts into birds =P

Chris Hoffman says:

#1 lol

Stacie Garn says:

Try doing a top five scariest videos ever

Mitchell banke says:

ratchet an clank 5, the groove atron

david clarke says:

Number 2 should of been the mind control gun/octopus gun from saints row 3
full package or the professor yanki man a pult car

Tiago Gomes says:

Lasercorn reminds me of Sheldon of BBT

Necropony U says:

My Red Faction Armogedon doent work :(

kian marcial says:

the lust canon and the teddy bears from dead rising 3

A.D .O says:

I was expecting the teddy bear from dead rising 3

gamebalk says:

What about sheep from worms?

jonas dinesen says:


GRIZZLYX12 says:

The electrified blanka mask was brought back in DR3 except of putting it on
a zombie, you put it on yourself and u can punch the ground and sparks will
come out of the mask

Erik Houba says:

dubstep gun saint row 4 :-)

Donna Elvin says:

A top 5 GTA games

MAGIVER_187 says:

Top five shit

MrMagicalTapeWorm says:


n64gamefan says:

how about kazooie herself from banjo tooie. i mean having banjo use her as
an egg shooting gun is funny.

mercades watt says:

top 5 most mistrous people in games sorry if i spelled it wrong

Lars K. says:

Where is the bane? – borderlands2

Ronald Wanja says:

they had to have the dumbstep gun its awesome

Trent Bennett says:

Dildo shooter from dead rising 3 xD

julian delagarza says:

Where is the DUBSTEP GUN from saints row 4???????????

Dawid8404 says:

What about frying pan from Conker’s Bad Fur Day?

Josh Hess says:

The holy mackerel from tf2.

Nicholas Blackman says:

I remember the cat silencer from when PewDiePie and Sovhinki playd Postal 2
on Backseat Gaming

ghbjc says:

How about the hand canon in dead space 2 or the devil horns in dead space 3

LetheTheRaptor says:

I love the joke weapons in Fire Emblem Awakening. there’s just something so
rewarding about defeating a boss by whacking him in the face with a stick!

ted anaker says:

Lasercorn dinosor mode will never happend

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