Baba Dick Gregory On Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 3/16/2014

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babyblueLEGEND says:

Just know that the S.E.A.L. team that ”killed ” Bin Laden, are all dead.
These are the most wicked people who ever lived. No one is safe. 911 was
childs play compared to what they do all day everyday. 

Rasheed Hakeem says:

Loose change 

D. Nesheba King says:

godsey419 says:

i was waiting for this thanks brother

Felando Waller says:

Please share this video everyone tired of the united states doing what they
doing !!

144000 2300days says:

wow woe and woof! Get ready to move out of the large cities while we still
have time I sure don’t want be trap when the shift hits the fan! Who’s up
with me on that ?

Michael Muhammad says:
katryn says:

God is not pleased,he says even this whole nation is cursed, for all the dirt the U S has done, you will reap what you have sown

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