Gmod HALO COVENANT Weapons Mod! (Garry’s Mod)

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ImmortalKyodai and I are in Garry’s Mod and play with the Halo Covenant Weapons Mod! This mod includes the most iconic Halo weapons like the Plasma Pistol, P…


Tobias Ho says:

Hammer on halo reach

AdpoGamerPro says:

I have to say it’s needler…

YouAlwaysLike says:

I dont play that game so i dont know…

Oh My WoW - wow and stuff says:

500 points for venturian for epic grenade kill at 3:53

Rose Guest says:

2000 points for venturian

TheEpicGamerSquad says:



Gravity Hammer

boroshoelover says:

For falling in lava 

polo manmaster says:

Gravity hammer

James Sanford says:

Venturiantale. Has 1222333334433344. Pos

devon young says:


Maria Nielsen says:


Daryl Waldock says:

The hammer

Pugasaurus03 says:

-_- -10 points for ven

Julian Urias says:

Spartan laser 

Angie Bryant says:

Gravity hammer

Sherrie Maturo says:

broot shot

Gold Fuzz says:


Jamie Davies says:

10000000000000- For column

kyle hogan says:

immortal wins for the i dont know hows my family going so i have to

Lucas Krestel says:

if no energy sword graved hammer

Christina Molloy says:

100000000000000000000000000000000000000000 for venturian

Alyssa Conn says:

I don’t know the guns name but its the gun that you hold for like 5 seconds
or something and it shoots lasers!and I’m talking mostly in halo 3.sorry i
don’t remember what its called,but its my favorite.

Preston Price says:

for venturiantale

austin her says:

You are not a graet plasma ball thrower

Alfie Steadman says:

venturian gets 999,999,999,999 points

bogdan cendic says:

10 points to Venturian for extra range!

Nil a says:

I say ven won even though I am still not halfway through the video ;-)

thatoneguyfromthe80s says:

Venturian you won and the gravity hammer

lizusmc1 says:

Plasma rifle

reece ross says:

+1000000000000000000045660000 points to venturian for killing Sahara first
try with grenade

Adam Dudley says:

u should have said your going to try to ground away at the rules

Connor Robbins says:

Plasma rifle

Ivan Lin says:

Needler and plasma rifle

Skyler Caraway says:

plasma pistal

DaCocoRaider says:

Immortal lost she made the worst pun ever

Jampal Penortsang says:

Halo 4 Gravity Hammer
And Needler

KathleenS54 says:

And needler

Matthew Dunn says:

Gravity hammer

Laura Gumm says:


Candy Summers says:

NEEDLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jordan was right.

Jami Breton says:


Jenny Schultz says:


John DeLong says:

Ummm Is A ShotGun A Option? jk i’d probobaly say the one you used the
second time.

Scott Richards says:

10 points for killing himself

Alana Bridgewater says:


Milesofgaming says:

needler/needle rifle

boroshoelover says:

Venturian got
10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 points

Tommy White says:

1000 points for v

Nick Garcia says:


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