Minecraft : Survival – Part 109 – Replanting Crops

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Thinknoodles says:

Also, sorry about the quality for the next few minutes. Youtube took over 3
hours to just get it to 360p. =

xReelGamingx says:

Yay more survival! I’ve been hooked for some reason lately :)

GhastGoesGaming says:

Thinknoodles Rap:
Thinks really cool,
He ain’t no fool
He’s really smart,
Cas he shops at Walmart!
He’s the Noodle King
Joy and noodles he will bring
He’s from the Ice Age,
In parkour he will rage

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Neo Tropical says:

Congratz Alexis or Alex!

justin sow says:


Aidan Roessler says:

Hey think I know how you could make your map room even more epic if you put
a map in the middle of the crafting table surrounded by paper and it will
make a zoomed out map so in your map room you can cover more of your world.
If I win the golden doodle my user name is Aidannizor

Snowywolfz says:

U should make a fountain on the side or something of the dog pool and put
like what’s it called…. Um the dirt that is found in the tagia as dog
food and put their names on signs in front of their beds

C_JI says:

lol having 1 golden noodler chosen per ep. and 400+ spaces its gonna take a
long time to fill =P see ya when its filled

lego man says:

I can’t wait until the further episodes,I want you to try to build a statue
In The End of YOU.I thought of it because you don’t do alot in The
End.Another idea is for your overworld.I think you should have a Noodle Of
Fame ( boom ).There will be A TON of people who had the golden noodle.You
could right the names on the sign And a message. Noodle on!!!


Vorte X says:

Is it just me or does the dog house look really bad!

SpazzleGaming says:

What building competition?

Cretaceous Dino says:

You should make a day called “think Thursday” and do something special on

LPSHeaven01 says:


Kyle Tavoletti says:

You should use Jack-o-Lanturns to light your farm!

Julian Robles says:

think u should make a dog bed with carpet

Kitty MC says:


xReelGamingx says:

Thinking of starting something similar to the “Golden Noodle” in my own
Survival. If anyone has name ideas for it, please reply to this comment :)

Thinknoodles says:

Good thing I uploaded 3 copies! This one worked! Noodle Planet Survival
#109! =)

xReelGamingx says:

Oh and a suggestion – you should add a diving board to the pool :D

Thirusutharsan Chenrayan says:

Everyone please like this comment, I need +Thinknoodles to see this. Your
dog house is great but there is one problem that you should really look
into. The dogs will not be able to use the facilities of the dog house
unless you are in the dog house. They will not be able to use the pool or
anything because they will be sitting down. If they are standing up they
will teleport to you instead of staying in the dog house. You could maybe
tie them to fence posts with leads. Just a suggestion so if you have any
better ideas use them. Thank you. Noodle On

Jon Watson says:

maby you could use myseliam blocks for the mushroom instead of pillar

ThePlayerJoseph says:

It’s Friday The 13th!!! I wish you could have done think’s lab today

minersvenom10 says:

think please make more

niki asuncion says:

Suggestion: Make a little playground for the dogs. :D

Colin B Plays says:

Hey Think! I’m new to your channel but wanted to let you know I’m loving
all your videos! Keep it up friend! :)

Olly MC says:

The perfect doggy bed! For a hint in your bedroom competition! Put a half
slab with carpet down and signs all around it! It makes it look cool :-D
Think i love your videos so much! Everyday is long but all i have to do is
watch one of your videos and i feel great! You’re an awesome guy and you
always have to do videos!

Lena Nguyen says:

Maybe you could build a man cave!

Joyce Smullen says:

think the way u put naruko’s grave

Luis Arbelaez says:

think can you make the brazzuca from the beggining of the world cup

Vigilante DCUO says:

i like it

Zoe Jen says:

(Replied after you talk about the mushroom)
Hey I think you should replace the red wool (only the ones with the white
carpet on it) with white wool. I think that would be better?

purpleowlcat says:

Think I was thinking that you should put podzol for dog food next to their
water (even though they can’t eat it)

Kit Kats says:

How I came to your channel.

I saw a website when i searched up club penguin. I clicked on it and i saw
one of your vids. I clicked on it and in the time i watched stampylongnose
a lot. So around maybe 2 or 1 months or even shorter after I saw ur
website. But anyways i went to that website again and I saw your minecraft
videos and i’m like wait, wait, wait, I think i remember this person… He
has a darkish voice and his channel starts with T. That’s when I started
watching your minecraft survival videos. I started watching at ep 10. I’ve
been watching ever since. And that’s how it all started =)

Lauren Wheeler says:

think instead of putting torches on the grass blocks, put glowstone in the
water where the dirt is. it will help it grow too!

AnimalLover02 says:

You should put Kopi where Naruko Too is because she is your ‘real” dog.
Just a thought! :)

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